Kenntnisse is a lively and flexible course in advanced German for students at undergraduate level.
It provides a wealth of material for practising the full range of language skills; speaking, listening, reading and writing. Drawing on a variety of sources in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Kenntnisse features authentic extracts from newspapers, magazines and literature, and from documents published by government organizations.
Each of the ten units focuses on a practical language skill. Topics include:
job applications and CVs
the internet, faxes and e-mail
translation into English
writing reports
essays and debate
The complete course comprises these two 60-minute audio cassettes, a teachers book and a students book (each sold separately). The teachers book contains answers to all tasks, plus guidance on how best to utilize the material. The cassettes feature radio broadcasts, plus exclusive interviews and discussions.
Kenntnisse can be used as core teaching material or as a supplementary text

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